15 Surprising Facts About Your Nails That You Must Know

The issue with some of us is that we take things for granted and few of our body parts like nails also come under it. Some believe that nails are mainly for just scratching your skin or applying manicure in every few weeks. But there’s a lot more to nails than you know! In today’s article, we will be taking a look at 15 surprising facts about nails that will shock you and will also give you few reasons to take better care of your nails.

Surprising Facts About Your Nails

1) The nails present on your hands or foot is not only used to protect the fingertips but also the soft tissue area present around it.

2) The growth rate of fingernails is much more higher than the growth rate of toe nails. Fingernails grow around 3.5 mm per month whereas toe nail grows around 1.6 mm per month.

3) The natural material used for hair and our nail is same and it is known as Keratin. It is the protective layer for both, but the arrangement procedure is totally different of nails from your hair. This is the reason nails are a lot stronger than hair.

4) Nails can reveal the information regarding the health of a person. By looking at them, you can get an insight into the overall health.

5) The bad habit of nail biting is known as onychophagia. It is generally seen in the kids aged between 10 – 18.

6) This is something upon which we ourselves got shocked! Your finger nails grow better and faster during summer times than winter days.

7) The growth rate of the Middle finger’s nail is the fastest while the nail present on thumb has the slowest growth rate.

8) Nails actually never produce any sweat! Nails lack sweat glands. Sometimes the sweat you encounter in your nail area is produced by the surrounding skin.

9) The matrix present under cuticle is responsible for producing cells that turn into nail plate.

10) The nail doesn’t only consist of the Nail plate. There is a lot more than your eyes can see!

11) The rate of nail problems are seen more in elder people than in young people.

12) The nails extract blood and nutrients from the body for their proper growth.

13) The blueish color nails may indicate that you are suffering from some sort of lung problem.

14) The growth rate of nails is faster in males than in females.

15) The white spots that are present on your nail is not due to calcium deficiency.


We hope that you liked reading few of the above surprising facts regarding nails. So the next time you take your nails for granted, just think again!

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