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5 Best Nail Fungus Treatments That You Can Try For Sure

If you have suffered from nail fungus, then you know how much of your self- esteem it can drain in a matter of months. Living with the conditions for years can have its toll on you. This is why one needs to know what to do once the signs begin to show. Here are the 5 Best Nail Fungus Treatments that you can try:



Created by Health Buy, ZetaClear is amongst the most effective over the counter medication for nail fungus treatment.  When it comes to customer satisfaction and effective treatment, it is the best. Made of natural ingredients, the paste guarantees that you will be fungus free in 90 days. It comes in both a paste to apply and a homeopathic blend sprayed under the tongue to help stimulate the body’s immune system.  This helps you fight the infection and escape harsh side effects and the frustrations of using your hard- earned money to buy something that does not work. If your case of fungal infection is only just starting, you can be guaranteed of results in just 12 weeks maximum. ZetaClear reviews are mostly positive everywhere. The only disadvantage is that it is only available online.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment involves focusing laser energy directly on the infected area of the nail. The laser light passes directly through the nail and goes to the bed of the nail where it destroys the infection causing fungus. The beam works by destroying the fungus without causing damage to the skin or the nail. This method of treatment has been very successful and very promising as a long- term method of completely doing away with the infection.  The treatment lasts only 30 minutes and the results can be seen about a month later. The only reason this method is not used extensively is because it is expensive and in most cases insurance companies refuse to cover the cost of treatment.


When applied to the affected nail, funginix penetrates and fights to destroy the fungus under the nail. It is also a very effective and affordable product that has pleased a lot of its customers. It helps boost your body’s natural anti- inflammatory and anti- infection capabilities. This allows your body to have the strength to fight the fungus itself. The medication has no know side effects. Reports show that most customers see some improvement in 4 weeks and their nails were shiny in 12 weeks. Severe cases had cleared in 6 months. It has worked wonders to those who were not helped by natural remedies.

Lamisil oral

This is yet another successful remedy for nail fungal infection.  The first results of the treatment should be seen in 4- 6 weeks. The discoloration on the nail will typically fade but will not completely go away until the nail grows a fresh. This means you may have o wait up to 6 or 8 months to see the results since this is how much time the average person’s nail takes to completely grow out. All the symptoms of the infection will have cleared in 4 months. The disadvantage is that it has some major side effects such as nausea and potential liver damage and it does not work for everyone.


Yet another product works great for fungus infections. Although it does not work great for the more intense infections, it is perfect for moderately infected nails. It is loved for the fact that it has no known side effects. It is very affordable and shows results in 3- 5 weeks of continuous use. Certain symptoms of infection such as brittleness begin to fade in 2- 3 months. Its major disadvantage is that the treatment may be longer that one could wish for as it may go on for as long as 10 months.