I was also having nail fungus for a long time, I took action and got rid of it completely. I tried several nail fungus treatments but only one of them helped me in making my nails beautiful and fungus free. 

I have also mentioned all the information about nail fungus , the common symptoms and how to treat it naturally.

Make sure you go through the website to know more about the disease before going for a surgery.

Read my story to know how I got rid of nail fungus

Actions give results 🙂

We’re here to get rid of the Fungus among us. Nail fungus is a problem that affects at least 10% of the population, most of which is likely due to reinfections… Reinfections being caused by improper treatments and procedures. Therefore, we here at TopNailFungusTreatment.com believe that it’s our duty to educate and provide the masses with the know-how required to deal with this easily treatable disease. Our site is kept up to date with the latest information in the scientific community and includes articles that any suffering victim would look for:

  • Various treatments for this condition, including home remedies
  • Reviews of various products that can help cure the condition and sooth the healing process
  • Prevention tactics and tips for people who wish to take all cautionary steps possible
  • Myths and facts about nail fungus
  • Tips to make life a little bit easier when dealing with nail fungus

These are just a few aspects covered by our team of five medical professionals and researchers. Each article has been extensively reviewed and comprises research from peer-reviewed papers and is held to high regard in the scientific community. Moreover, articles on other related issues are easily accessible on the website and should help you in various ways when dealing with this annoying ailment.

About Our Team

Dr. Sachin Varma

Dr. Sachin Varma grew up in the busy streets of the changing town of Calcutta and has been engaged in the medical profession for almost the past 20 years. He has received his excellent qualifications from his origin country and the States and is currently a consultant Dermatologist at Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, Kolkata. He has experience as a practicing House Officer for an entire year in the United Kingdom and was also a Medical Doctor at the Group Study Exchange Fellow, Brazil.

He has also received various accreditations for his practice and honorary service, including a Gold Medal for his innovative and original research in the field of Dermatology expanding on our knowledge of Ultra-violet transmissibility of textiles in 1998 at the National Conference of Dermatology, Chandigarh, India. His other research focuses on the results of patch testing with dental materials. Furthermore, he was also selected to provide a presentation at the Best Young Dermatologist in 2002 at Cochin. Alongside these avenues, he’s an avid writer for online health websites, including TopNailFungusTreatment.com.

Dr. Srabani Ghosh Zoha

Dr. Srabani Ghosh Zoha graduated from the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (Chandigarh). After her graduation, she was employed in the United Kingdom and obtained MRCP from the Royal College of Physicians in the UK. She also worked for a while in the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. Her training in laser and cosmetology was concluded from Bangkok. Considering her entire career and previously mentioned education, she has devoted almost 30 years of her life to the medical profession.

She has extensively researched various spheres as an academic and presently holds 20 publications to her name in various National and International journals of Dermatology. Furthermore, she is a reviewer for the Indian Journal of Dermatology and has a personally penned chapter in the Dermatology textbook by IADVL.

Presently, she is also working as a Consultant Dermatologist in Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, Kolkata and runs a private clinic on the side.

Dr. Aparna Santhanam

Dr. Aparna Santhanam is a privately practicing clinical dermatologist and cosmetologist in Chembur, Mumbai. Across the span of her career, she has worked with various beauty and wellness companies across the FMCG. Her interests have also sometimes lead her to working with pharmaceutical firms in India, the Middle East and South East Asia. She personally believes in coming up with innovates ways to span the gap between consumers and health, beauty and wellness products and services. A way through which she means to accomplish this is by providing the lay masses with an insight into the way wellness businesses can cater to individual consumer needs.

The path to accomplishing this objective of hers has led to her working with various media and publishing houses to create digital content, write articles about health and beauty niches and ensuring that the industry doesn’t remain densely shrouded in mystery for the average consumer. Her penwomanship has also contributed to the process through her popular books: “Skin Deep” and “Let’s Talk Hair”, published by Harper Collins, India. Her skills, experience and passion do wonders for this website.

Dr. Ranvir Pahwa

Dr. Ranvir Pahwa, is the owner and director of RP’s Alternative Health Centre. From the very start of his career, his goal has been to consult, educate, and practice safe complementary and alternative medicine, the kind that people don’t readily partake in but can actually do wonders in the long run. For over three decades, Dr. Ranvir Pahwa has been actively involved in all-body healing using numerous forms of natural medicines.

His ideology and beliefs are partially explained by his background as a child growing up in a family of Ayurvedic, Unani and conventional medicine practitioners. Alongside being a man with a firm resolve, Dr. Pahwa actively keeps up to date with the times via regularly updating his knowledge by attending seminars, conferences, teleconferences, webinars and reading journals and research papers. He is also member of various Medical Associations across North America. His professional background includes but is not limited to:

  • Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine (HD) (Classical and Contemporary)
  • Ayurveda Practitioner (Natural Medicine of India)
  • Acupuncturist (Body, Auricular Acupuncture, Laser Acupuncture and Therapy)

Some of his widely acclaimed publications are papers on an innovate perspective on the Common Cold and Flu, the Role of Ayurvedic herbs in Hepatoprotection and Acupuncture. He has also penned popular books on women’s health and healthy cooking in homes. His wide and alternative technical expertise is indeed a valuable addition to the team.

Nehra Kathat
BSN, RN, Contributor and Research Coordinator

Lastly, Ms. Nehra Kathat is a young but aspiring non-practicing nurse who has the tiresome task of organizing the physical and mental resources of the team here at TopNailFungusTreatment.com. She actively contributes by frivolously collecting new information, researching articles and getting them properly vetted by other team members for the readers. The team is in general agreement that without her efforts, this earnest project would have likely fallen apart a great while back.