An Honest Review Of ClearTouch Phototherapy For Nail Fungus

Are you suffering from Onychomycosis, commonly known as nail fungus? If yes then there’s nothing to worry about, as millions of people are having similar issue like yours. They mostly get infected from public places like nail saloons, saunas, swimming pools, etc. If you want to get rid of the nail fungus then you can go for laser treatment : ClearTouch Phototherapy For Nail Fungus.

ClearTouch Phototherapy For Nail Fungus

Generally the cost for laser treatment at a dermatologist is quite high and this is where ClearTouch Phototherapy For Nail Fungus come to the rescue. It is a home solution that is at a very less cost compared to the regular laser treatment. The insurance companies don’t cover the expenses for the laser treatment of Nail fungus. It simply means that you would have to bare all the costs on your own. But ClearTouch Phototherapy will save you thousands of dollars in this case.

The ClearTouch Phototherapy uses the same technology of LHE (Light, Heat and Energy) which is used by dermatologists worldwide. The outcome would be the same as you would get from a experienced doctor or dermatologist. The good part is that you can use the product right at your own pace without the problem or tension of scheduling an appointment and reaching the hospital on time.

Steps To Use ClearTouch Phototherapy

1) Clean your infected nail/nails. For better results, make sure that you have thoroughly clipped and cleaned the infected nails. If you suffering from thickened nails due to nail fungus, then use a long handed nail clipper to cut your nails. Carefully remove the nail polish and wash your feet to remove any kind of dirt or debris. Completely dry your feet before starting the main process.

2) Carefully place the ClearTouch in front of the infected nail and then proceed by pressing a button. The light will be there for ten seconds. Perform the treatment two times a day, once in morning and other in night. If you are suffering from a severe case then you can use the product more than two times a day also.

3) That’s it! There’s need of any extra cleaning or process! Just carry on with your everyday activities. Make sure that you charge the batteries every few days.


This is a new age method and technology that is still being in the make. Such a great and simple offer for home based laser may not be there for a long time so get the product now!

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