Are There Any Kerasal Nail Side Effects Or Warnings?

You might have had issues related to fungal nail problem for months or years. Finally you have decided it is time to treat it and have opted for kerasal fungal nail renewal treatment, one of the best-selling nail fungus treating products.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

You might have heard that there are some products for curing nail fungus that includes serious side effects like liver issues and death. So does kerasal foot cream has any side effect? When you use kerasal on any infected nail you might have a sensitive warming sensation. This is the most common side effect associated with kerasal. It is mainly because the active kerasal ingredients like urea, sodium hydroxide and propylene glycol penetrates through the nail as well as destroys any fungal infection. Remember that it does not affect all individuals and also everyone has different tolerance to such effects.

To minimize such a warming sensation, apply it in a thinner layer to the infected nail. If you do not get any relief, then reduce the treatment to one time every day or each other day. In few extreme cases, people may experience itching, skin irritation, stinging and burning sensation. Such side effects are very rare but there still lies a possibility to react negatively to this topical solution. Some severe side effects of kerasal are appearance of hives, skin ulcer, swelling of the throat and breathing trouble. Although the side effects appear with the initial use and fades away after few days. But if it becomes persistent or the condition worsens, then immediately take some medial help. Always consult your doctor if you experience any unexpected side effects while using it.

What Are The Warnings Associated With Kerasal?

Before you start to use kerasal let your doctor become aware of your present medication list, vitamins, herbal supplements, any current allergy and health conditions. There are some health conditions that make you very susceptible to the medication’s side effects. Always take it as recommended by the doctor or try to follow the instruction present on product insert. The dosage is usually based on an individual’s condition. Let your doctor know if the condition is persisting or becoming worse after using kerasal intensive foot repair. Always consult your doctor if you have any kidney problem.

Do not use it and take medical assistance if too much burning, peeling and stinging occurs. Never take it orally. When you will use it on an open wound, dry, irritated, sun burned and chapped skin consult a doctor. Keep in kind to wash your hand before and also after using it. Keep the skin area that should be treated clean as well as dry. Until and unless instructed by the doctor, never use any other product on the area to be treated.

Thus it cannot be precisely said how likely you will experience any side effect. Kerasal reviews suggest that age, current and previous medical problems along with medication increase the chances of side effects. So remember the warnings associated with it and consult a doctor before you start this treatment.

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