Black Line on the Nail: Should You Worry? Find Out Now

Have you started noticing changes in your nail/nails? Has your nail got affected by some sort of vertical blank line? The vertical blank line which you can find beneath your nail is known as splinter hemorrhage. At first, it may look harmless to your eyes, but don’t take it in a light way, as it can reveal some issue or condition of your body.

Black Line Chracterstics

The line will usually be in reddish brown or black color. If you look closely, you will find that it is actually present in more than one place underneath your nail. Lastly, if you try to apply pressure to the nail on which black line is present, you will notice that it doesn’t change its color.

Causes Of Black Line

Black Line can be caused due to various reasons. The most common cause or reason behind this problem is nail trauma which occurs when the blood vessel under your nail gets burst due to too much pressure applied on the nail bed.

There’s another condition known as Endocarditis due to which splinter hemorrhage can be caused. Endocarditis is occurred when the inner valves or chambers of the heart get infected. There will be other signs too occurring which will be the symptoms of Endocarditis.

In short, this black line problem can be caused due to various reasons and circulatory diseases, kidney diseases, chemotherapy, infections, nail fungus, etc can be a part of it.

How To Get Rid Of Black Line?

If you believe that the trauma hasn’t caused splinter hemorrhage or if the black line isn’t disappearing after few weeks also then we recommend you to immediately consult a doctor. If the splinter hemorrhage is reoccurring or present in more than one place then also it may be a serious issue which should be reviewed by a doctor.

The doctor may look at your past medical history and also perform physical examination. If anything is suspected, there may be further testing of your body.

How To Treat Splinter Hemorrhage?

There is no specific treatment for Splinter Hemorrhage. The treatment depends on the underlying condition you are suffering from. If it is a regular black line caused due to some kind of trauma, then you can be tension free as it will be mostly gone within few days or weeks. But if you suspect something else, then consult your doctor for proper treatment. For Eg- if you are diagnosed with Endocarditis then you will have to include surgery and antibiotics in your treatment.


We want you to stay fit and healthy and for that if you witness splinter hemorrhage and few other symptoms of some underlying condition then you must consult a physician as soon as possible.

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