Cruex Fungal Nail Revitalizing Gel Review: What You Need To Know

Nail Fungus is a common issue that can be found in people of all ages. It is a very hard medical issue that can take a few long time to get treated. Cruex Fungal Nail Revitalizing Gel can help you to get rid of your discolored or thick nail very fast and effectively.

Cruex Fungal Nail Revitalizing Gel Important Information

The product features a powerful gel formula and brush on applicator that works soothingly well. It can easily smooth nails that got thickened due to old age, nail fungus, and other common issues. If the nails have started accumulating keratin then you have to take some quick action as the later stages of Nail fungus becomes very hard to treat.

The most common side effect of Nail fungus is the bad odour and this product can easily help you get rid of the smell once and for all!

Steps To Use Cruex Fungal Nail Revitalizing Gel

It is a very quick and simple to use fungal solution that won’t take much time. Just make sure that you follow the mentioned steps in order for better effectiveness.

1) First of all, get rid of the infected nail very carefully by using a special clipper. After the nail has been clipped, proceed by cleaning the nail with soapy water so the infected skin is removed. Completely dry off your feet before you head for the solution treatment.

2) To apply the Cruex Fungal Gel, take out the brush-tip applicator by opening the cap. Properly apply the gel to the entire infected area. Repeat this every day for two times! Before you head to wearing of socks or shoes, make sure that you completely dry off your feet.

3) Proceed with regular activities of your day! There’s nothing else you need to do. The users have reported that they started witnessing results within one week of using the product. Still it depends upon the severity of the infection. If your condition was diagnosed in a later stage then it may take a while for the results to start showing up.


Few people also enquire whether the product will work on fingernails and let me clear this once and for all that the product works for fingernail fungus too but generally fungus occurs on toenails only. Just remember that it is not an overnight solution and it will take some time until and unless you apply it regularly.

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