Cuticle Oil: Benefits, How to Use It, and Nail Growth

If you worry a lot about your nails then you must not ignore the cuticle part also. The cuticle plays an important part too! Anyways, if your cuticle is exposed too much in chlorine, sun, cold or soapy /salty water then it can turn out to be quite dry, and cracked. In such cases, Cuticle Oil can come to the rescue. Keep reading to know more regarding cuticle oil.

Cuticle Oil is a moisturizing element that works well with with your nails and cuticles. The ingredients used to make up this product include vegetable oils, citric acid and some vitamins. Once your cuticle has become dried due to exposing in weather, one can use cuticle oil to bring back the moisturisation of your cuticle and nail.
Cuticle Oil can stimulate nail growth by increasing the circulation around your nails. It can easily protect your nail and cuticle against trauma. It also betters the appearance and health of your nails. If you are a fan of flaunting your nails with the help of stylish Polish then cuticle oil can also act as a protective layer for Nail Polish.

Steps To Use Cuticle Oil

1) Take out few drops from the cuticle oil as such oils work best in small amounts.

2) If you are using a cotton ball then gently dab your cuticles. Or if you are using a brush then carefully apply the oil.

3) Apply the oil on each cuticle and massage it for few minutes.

4) Continue your daily activities and keep performing this routine from time to time so that your nails and cuticle remain healthy regularly.

Where To Purchase A Cuticle Oil?

You can easily buy a cuticle from some online shopping platform like Amazon. Or you can opt for some offline cosmetics store in your locality. The best cuticle oil would be thin and would quite easily absorb into your skin.

You would notice that the thick cuticle oils don’t absorb well into the skin. You will also notice that the cuticle oil is generally made up of combinations of other oils, and that includes flaxseed oil, safflower oil, jojoba oil, and the list goes on.


Cuticle Oil isn’t a necessity but they can generally get your dried cuticle and nail to the right shape and health again. We are sure that the application of cuticle oil isn’t going to take much time.

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