Does ProClearz Really Work? An In-Depth Review

Are you suffering from yellow toenails? Is this causing some sort of pain, smell and itching? If yes, then we are sorry to state that you have encountered with nail fungus. Mostly fungus are found in warm and wet environments and therefore they get formed under your nail bed, making your nail appear bad and ugly.

Treat Nail Fungus Using ProClearz

In ProClearz product, there is an ingredient known as Tolnaftate which is clinically proven element that can easily cure and at the same time prevent fungal infections. This is the best method you can try right at your home to get rid of the fungus infection.

ProClearz is available in two formats : brush-on applicator and pen solution. The product features inbuilt protector that prevents further spreading of fungal. If nail fungus doesn’t get treated then it can spread to other body parts and it may have already spread till now. The body parts it may affect include the feet, groin, and other skin parts. But don’t worry as ProClearz can help cure issues like jock itch, ringworm also.

ProClearz features powerful ingredients including Tolnaftate, Aloe Vera, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A and the list goes on! The makers have used te combination of modern science and natural elements to cure the fungal infections.

Guide To Usage Of ProClearz

1) Clean your nails effectively so that you get the maximum benefit out of the product. If you have long or thick nails, then use some special clipper to cut off your nail. Secondly, take a fresh shower to remove all kind of debris from your nails.

2) Proceed by applying the ProClearz solution directly on your infected nail and the region surrounding it.

3) That’s it! Just enjoy your day with your daily activities. The Anti-Fungal solution will automatically dry. We recommend you to apply it two times a day (morning & night) for several weeks.

Extra Information

The product should last you around 6 months but this also depends upon your treatment. There are no specific side effects to the product but in once in a while you may experience some sort of adverse reaction.


We advise you to keep applying the solution for few more days even after the infection has been cured. So go and get the ProClearz anti fungal solution right now from the store.

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