8 Myths And Facts About ToeNail Fungus That You Should Know

There are so many myths that revolve around toenail fungus infection and there are also many facts. These myths and facts help one to understand more clearly the truth and the false information about the matter. And with the knowledge gained, they are able to take care of themselves and handle toenail fungus infections adequately. Some of the myths and facts are as follows.

1. They Are Ugly But Won’t Harm You

When a person gets their nail infected by fungus, the nail may turn white, yellow or brown. This will make the toenail stand out and in a very negative way. It is not attractive and that is why many people always hide their nails in socks and under nail polish. But more important than being ugly is the fact that it can be harmful. When left untreated, the fungus infection can spread to other nails and even to the skin. This will result in a more adverse situation than what you imagined. When it gets severe, the nail will become brittle, irregular in shape, and even break. You will also experience soreness, redness, itchiness, and also pain. Before you know it, stepping on the floor will become impossible because of the pain.

2. Fungal Infection Will Clear On Its Own

This is a notation that many people have believed for a very long time and it has caused them a lot. Instead of the infection clearing, it got worse and spread to other nails. Fungal infections can be very stubborn even when using medications. When left untreated, the infection can even affect your skin. It will grow from a very mild infection to a severe infection in no time. This will also affect the tissues found around the nail and it will become a critical condition. The nail will become sore, red, itchy, and very painful. This will interfere with your quality of life. Your nail will thicken, become brittle, start to break and end up shapeless. Therefore, always jump on the matter instead of waiting for it to go away.

3. You Cannot Get An Infection From Someone Else

This is a myth that many people have fallen victim of. Fungus infection is very contagious if people share objects that are used for personal hygiene. A person sharing a towel with a person who has a toenail fungus infection will get the infection. Also, when in public places, you can easily contract this infection because the floor is excellent at breeding fungus. Therefore, always have your shoes on at all times when in these public places and always use your personal hygiene objects to avoid contaminating anyone or getting contaminated.

4. Antibiotics Can Cure Toenail Fungus Infection

Many people always turn to antibiotics to treat fungal infections thinking that it will work. Antibiotics are designed to treat bacterial infections. Fungus infections will need anti-fungal medications so as to be eliminated. Antibiotics have their working mechanism against bacteria and antifungal medications have different working mechanisms to treat these infections. Therefore, their purposes cannot be interchanged. Because of this notion, many people have purchased antibiotics to treat toenail fungus infections and end up with worse cases.

5. Older People Are More Susceptible To Toenail Fungus Infections

As weird as this may seem, it is a fact. When people get older, the chances for getting infected by fungus infections like toenail fungus infections are very high. This has been linked to the fact that their immune system is always lower. As a person ages, their immune system gets weaker and weaker making them vulnerable to infections. Therefore, to avoid this, one has to maintain high standards of hygiene to avoid such infections as well as bacterial infections. Avoid old and worn-out shoes, avoid sharing personal hygiene objects, avoid walking bare feet in public places, and always clean and dry your feet and nails excellently. Also eat a healthy, nutritious, and balanced diet to increase your immunity.

6. Nail Injuries Have The Potential To Cause Toenail Fungus Infections

This is also a fact about toenail fungus infections. No matter how small the injury is, even a pricking using a sharp object is as crucial as a deep cut on the toe. When there is an opening, this is a chance for fungus to inhabit your toe. Other than creating a freeway for entrance, it also creates a favorable condition for its development and spread to the entire toe. Also, subjecting your toenails to extreme pressures by wearing very tight shoes will make them prone to injuries. Therefore, take care of any injury that happens to your toes. Treat them effectively and keep the wound dry always. This is because fungi breed excellently in dump places. Always ensure that the toe is well taken care of until it heals perfectly.

7. Nail Polish Makes The Infection Worse Rather Than Hiding It

As stated earlier, toenail fungus infections are very ugly as they cause discoloration of the nail. Because of this, many women will tend to beautify the infected toenail by covering it with nail polish hoping that it will go away. The fact is that the situation will only get worse by the day. When you apply nail polish on an infected nail, you will only trap the fungus under it. This will frustrate any effort to treat the situation. If you are going to use nail polish when your toenail is infected, you should always go for an anti-fungal nail polish and get it approved by the dermatologist first.

8. Fingernails Rarely Get Infected

On very rare occasions you will someone looking for nail fungus treatment products to treat fingernail fungus infection. The fact is that they hardly get infected. This is because fingernails are always well taken care of. They are frequently washed and dried effectively. They are also constantly exposed as compared to toenails which are always covered in socks and other footwear. Because of being constantly covered up, a perfect environment is created for fungus breeding; a dark and moist environment.

In understanding these critical myths and facts, you will get a better understanding of nail fungus infections and also learn how to keep yourself from being a victim.

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