Half Moon Nails: Why You Do or Don’t Have It, Symptoms To Watch For

The half moon white shape present just on the base of your finger nail is known as a lunulae. It is a part of the nail matrix. Now you may be wondering what is the matrix? Well, matrix is present under your nail and is responsible for producing the cells that changes into the hard nail plate which we see from our eyes.

How Do Healthy Lunulae Look Alike?

The healthy lunulae will be of white color and it will take a little bottom part of your nail. It will be the biggest on your thumb and with each finger it will start decreasing in size. On the pinky finger you will hardly be able to detect the lunulae.

Why Do Some Lunulae Change Color?

If you witness any change in the color of the lunulae then it can be a sign of some underlying condition that needs to get treated. Lets take a look at what color lunulae will represent what!

1) Blue-grey lunulae will represent silver poisoning.

2) Black or brown lunulae represent that you maybe having excessive fluoride ingestion. Fluoride is mostly found in the toothpaste we consume everyday.

3) Yellow lunulae may represent the excessive use of Tetracycline medications that are used to treat skin infections and acne.

4) Pale blue lunulae may showcase as a symptom of uncontrollable diabetes.

5) If your lunulae gets completely disappeared and change into yellow color then it means your maybe suffering from Yellow Nail Syndrome.

6) Blue Lunulae may indicate Wilson’s disease which occurs when excessive amount of copper gets accumulated in the organs of your body.

7) Red lunulae is the danger sign of heart failure.

Concerns Regarding Lunulae Shape & Size

If you have small or next to negligible size lunulae the it shouldn’t be a big concern. It simply means that your lunulae is hidden underneath the cuticle. It may indicate trauma, malnutrition, depression or anemia.

On the other hand, if your lunulae appear to be larger than normal size then you may be having issues related to low blood pressure, heartbeat disruption, or cardiovascular system.


Small lunulae shouldn’t be much of a concern but if you witness changes in the nail appearance or other unknown symptoms then you must consult a doctor immediately. If you don’t make the right move, at the right time, then something severe can take place. We surely don’t want anything like that happening with you!

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