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Major Causes Of Nail Fungus

What are the causes of Nail fungus? If you are the type of person who loves their nails, then you may want to know what causes nail fungal infections so you can avoid them. As the name suggests, nail fungal infections are caused my fungi, molds and yeasts. Listed below are the major causes of nail fungus:


We will not dwell on the many scientific names that are involved here because it is unlikely that you will remember them let alone pronounce them right. Dermatophytes are a type of fungus that grows on hair, nails and skin. These type of fungus is mostly on the surface and will not enter deeper into the body tissues. This is the reason it is not responsible for other infections that come to a person. It is responsible for 95% of all infections in the nail. It does however cause athlete’s foot.

causes of nail fungus

Athlete’s foot is painful and embarrassing so is nail fungus. When athlete’s foot infects the nails, you get those frail ugly looking nails you do not want. One way you can get your nails infected is by being in contact with any objects that are infected such as nail clippers, locker room floors, showers and clothes or shoes that have been with an infected person.

Yeast Infection

Yeast too is a type of fungus that grows on the nails and skin of every human person. While the body is able to control its own yeast production and thus keeping it in check, there are certain things that hike the yeast amount in the body. Birth control pills, antibiotics and certain illnesses for example, increase the amount of yeast in the body. When the amount of yeast in the body is too much, you can expect yeast infections almost anywhere in the body. Your beautiful and perfect nails included.


Molds are also one of the most common causes of nail fungus. Also known as non-dermatophytes, mold is also a type of fungus that is commonly found In soil. This is the same type of mold found on the walls of buildings. Because there are certain areas in your body that are always warm and moist, this mold will grow on your body too. If the nail infection on a person is caused by mold, then you should not be worried since it is the only type of nail fungus infection that cannot be passed one from one person to the next.

Warm and Moist Areas

Fungi are more common in men than in women because most women do not wear socks and closed shoes all day every day like men do. Once you come in contact with fungus and it gets the conditions to breed and grow, it will become a big problem in your life. The chances of the fungal infection in your toes moving to your nails are very high. It is therefore important that you find a way of treating athlete’s feet before the fungi finds a way of getting under your nails and destroying them.

Preventing infections is easy if you know the major causes of nail fungus. All you have to do is maintain standard hygiene practices and avoid areas where they could get the infection from.

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