Most Successful Nail Fungus Treatment

ZetaClear is a very successful nail fungus treatment. But before talking about ZetaClear reviews, its important to know few other things. To start with it is important for you to be aware of that in fact there are several reasons that cause thick, discolored and ugly nails. Fungal infection, or onychomycosis is the most widespread one. As a matter of fact it is estimated that approximately half of toenail disorders result from fungal infections. Fungal infections are caused the organisms that are known as Trichophyton rubrum. It should be in addition stated that these infections are much more common in the feet than hands for several reasons. You may be even surprised but, in actual fact, fungal spores are quite common in the environment, and we encounter them each day. Though, infection will arise in the case the spores find a place with appropriate environment for their progress and development.

Oral medications, topical preparations like ZetaClear and surgical removal are the major treatment options for curing bad nail fungus.

Needless to say that nail removal can bring rapid results. It should be also mentioned that there are several oral medications that are approved to provide good results when treating nail fungus, but, the truth is that this can take about from three to six months to work, and recurrence has been found to be a problem. You should also know that these medications are metabolized by the liver that accordingly can cause a serious harm to your health. Also, both of these methods can be incredibly expensive and not each one can manage to pay for them.

The best way to treat your nail fungus is undoubtedly topical preparations like ZetaClear. They are inexpensive, come with no side effects, easily available and are quick healers.
Listed below are few of the best at home nail fungus treatment methods.


Zetaclear is an ointment used to treat nail fungus with all natural ingredients. It is very effective and tried and tested by many. The best part about this ointment is it not only cures the already infected nail but it also stops the infection from spreading to the adjacent nail.

Vinegar Footbaths

You should soaking your feet in water mixed with Vinegar (at a ratio of 2:1). There is besides a need to point out that adding Listerine or tea tree oil to the football can as well be very efficient. But as concerning severe nail fungus, most likely, you will find it to be rather ineffective.

Hot Water Footbath

You should add salt to a tub filled with hot water and soak your feet in the tub for 20 minutes. This procedure should be done every day. This way is effectual for insignificant infections.