Nail Pitting: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, And More

Are you worried about the small depressions appearing on your toenails or fingernails? This condition is commonly known as nail pitting and it generally has relation related to nail psoriasis. While you are having Nail pitting, you may also experience other issues like abnormal growth or discoloration of your nail.

Identification of Nail Pitting

Nail Pitting will appear as some sort of deep holes on your fingernails or toenails. It may appear as white spots or similar marks. If the nail pitting is occurring due to nail psoriasis, then you will experience changing in nail color, shape, and nail thickness. Your nails may also get crumbled, in severe cases.

Causes For Nail Pitting

Nail Pitting is quite common in people who have attained the age of 40 or above. It is also most common in people suffering from psoriatic arthritis. Generally, people suffering from psoriasis will experience changes in their nails as symptoms.

There few other outside causes that can lead to arisal of Nail Pitting. It includes autoimmune diseases (sarcoidosis, alopecia areata, etc.), connective tissue disorders, etc.

Diagnosis For Nail Pitting

If you are sure that you have witnessed nail pitting in your nails then immediately visit a doctor. The doctor may perform a physical examination and access your medical history. Don’t hesitate to share any other symptoms that you maybe experiencing with your doctor as that will help them come to a good conclusion.

The doctor may also perform skin biopsy where a little portion of your skin or hair will be taken to examine under microscope. Most probably, the doctor will first treat you with anesthetic before going for the test.

Treatment For Nail Pitting

Frankly speaking, the treatment for Nail Pitting can be a little hard as compared to other nail problems. During the formation of your nails only, the pits gets formed. The topical medications don’t easily reach the nail bed. The alternative to this is injecting corticosteroid injections in the nail beds. The outcome can be varied results.

Doctors recommend to take vitamin D3 supplements whereas some suggest to undergo light therapy or phototherapy. In short, nail pitting is going to be a long term treatment that may not bring the desires results. You may have to opt for other cosmetic options (polishing, filing, or scraping).


You surely can’t avoid nail pitting at all but you can prevent it from getting worsened by staying hydrated, fit, and consuming zinc and Vitamin B.

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