Nail Psoriasis vs. Fungus: Find Out The Difference

If psoriasis or fungus occur on your nails, it can look almost identical. But there’s a lot difference in them which you won’t come to know without proper knowledge and treatment. Fungal infections can turn out to be contagious while psoriasis can’t be.

Nail Psoriasis is actually an autoimmune disease that makes the immune system become hyperactive. Due to this, the skin cells start producing in a faster rate as compared to before. On the other hand, Nail Fungus is an infection that can be caught from a gym, a nail saloon or few other places.

If you come to know the difference between the two, then you will be able to take the right action, at the right time.

Main Difference Between Psoriasis & Nail Fungus

The symptoms, treatment of psoriasis and nail fungus differ a lot from each other. Major of the population suffering from psoriasis start seeing the symptoms of psoriasis first on their nails, especially fingernails than the toe nails. After that on other parts of the body.

If a person suffering from fungal infection has touched some object and if you or other person repeats the same then he/she possess a lot of chance of getting caught by nail fungus.

These Fungi survive well in warm and moist environment. So if your feet and hands are mostly wet then you have a high chances of catching up with it. The earlier you diagnose the issue and apply for treatment, the better! As the more you delay, the more chances of severe infection taking place lies.

Nail Psoriasis Symptoms

Generally, the symptoms for Nail Psoriasis start appearing right after you have encountered with an injury. If you have a painful hangnail or damaged nail then also you may suffer from Psoriasis.
Other noticeable symptoms of psoriasis include dry or itchy patches of skin, tiny bumps on chest, tiny bumps on back of the body, bleeding skin patches, etc.

Nail Fungus Symptoms

Fungal infections occur in regions like feet soles as the feet is more likely to come in contact with the fungus rather than the fingernail.

People who suffer from health conditions like hyperhidrosis or take regular manicures have high changes of catching up with fungal infections. The nail shape, color and pattern will change which can indicate that you are suffering from fungal infection.


It is very much important to know the correct difference between these two health conditions as then you can accordingly take proper action. Still if you witness any of the symptoms then consult a doctor immediately.

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