Paronychia Finger Home Treatment: Everything You Need To Know

The most common finger infection in the world is Paronychia. In Paronychia, you may experience with thickening of Nail, swolleness, redness, pus-filled blisters and in worse conditions, nail plate and cuticle getting separated. The good thing there are few options that you can try to cure Paronychia by sitting at your own pace only. But remember, if the conditions gets worsened, then you have to immediately consult a doctor.

Causes of Paronychia

The finger infection Paronychia is not caused due to one thing, it is the result of few activities done continuously or frequently. This include bad nail clipping techniques, bitting off nails, touching objects while performing manicure or pedicure. Many will relate the last cause with nail fungus but still there is difference between the two.

Few other causes include regularly encountering with bacteria filled water, ingrown nails of toe or finger. If you spend too much time in washing dishes then also you can get affected by Paronychia.

Symptoms Of Paronychia

Generally, the symptoms of Paronychia are same for everyone. The symptoms include pus-filled abscesses, pain and tenderness, and swelling and redness in the nail surrounding area.

If you believe that you have Paronychia, then you most probably are already suffering from it. Few people can mistake Paronychia for other infections like nail fungus, or herpetic whitlow. In this case a medical doctor can only help you know the correct thing.

Home Treatment For Paronychia

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The Right Time To Consult A Doctor

If Paronychia continues for several weeks then immediately consult a doctor. Paronychia can easily spread into other portions and lead to medical issues like eponychia.


We can understand the pain one goes through when suffering from finger infections like Paronychia. We hope that this product will help you to get rid of the infection once and forever.

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