New Device: Does Cleartouch Phototherapy Treatment Work?

There is one thing that living a long time will show you; it will show you that there is always something new to be discovered. When it comes to treating toenail fungus infections, companies have risen presenting their products as the best treatment solution, gel, cream, prescription medication, oral sprays, and more. With the introduction of Clear Touch Phototherapy treatment, things took a new turn and went a notch higher. This new product is easier to use, fun, and sophisticated. Even so, that is not what counts. All that matters is whether the product works or not.

All About Cleartouch Phototherapy Treatment

This is a device that was developed by Radiancy, and it has been approved by FDA and cleared for public use. It is a product that uses light, heat, and energy to kill the fungus in the toenail by balancing the wavelength, intensity, and exposure. This device is powered by a battery, and it is claimed to remove fungal spore from the toenail. It is a very non-intrusive procedure that has long been used by medical practitioners to treat nail fungus infections, and now Radiancy has miniaturized it so that people can use it in the comfort of their homes.

This product has no ingredients that we can claim have any antifungal, antiseptic, or antiviral properties that have been proven like others. Therefore, we can only go with the word of the manufacturers that it kills the fungus spore.

Does It Really Work?

In as much as this is a new way of eliminating toenail fungus infections that seem to have the right working technology to eliminate infections, it is important that you know whether it works or not.

In carrying out our research, we came to realize that this device is one of the biggest scams we have this year.

In a review of the device, a podiatrist stated that there is no scientific proof to back up the effectiveness of this device. The podiatrist called the product a scam and stated that dermatologists and podiatrists offer such expensive resolutions that barely work.

In many other reviews, customers complained of seeing no change after months of use; not even a slight change which is a very disheartening report. Even so, we would expect this because there are no ingredients that we can say may be slightly helpful to the situation.

There are many others whose conditions got worse instead of better, and this raises eyebrows as to whether this product has real side effects that the manufacturers do not want to mention.

Making it worse is their extremely poor customer care. Many users complain that the customer care does little to help you and especially with complaints about the product. When one calls with complaints, they get arrogant responses and more often they are blamed for the ineffectiveness of the product.

Final Verdict

This product is one of the products that is developed and left to ‘chance’ to decide whether it will work or not. It is pricey and there is no real evidence or support from the users that it works. Therefore, save your money and use it for products that work.