Thick Toenails: Pictures, Causes, and Home Treatments

If you suspect changes in your toenails then there may be some underlying condition. Generally, the toenails which become thick are affected with a fungal infection known as onychomycosis. You must not avoid the fungal infection as it can turn to be more severe.

Symptoms Of Thick Toenails

The thickness of the toenail is just one symptom and there are few other symptoms that you need to look for and that includes change of the toenail color to green, yellow or brown, toenail coming out of the nail bed, toenail crumbled, toenails filled with debris and dirt, foul odour from toenail.

In the initial stage of the nail fungus, you may not experience much discomfort but with time the symptoms will start coming up and you will experience a lot of pain.

Onychomycosis occur when a yeast or fungus enters the toenail through some cut in your skin or crack in the toenail. The virus will slowly grow under the nail bed as that’s the moist area. With time, your nail will start becoming thick and you will witness few other symptoms as well.

The chances of catching up with fungus infection is more to people who expose their feet more. If you generally visit places with wet floors like swimming people, gym, public toilets where you are barefoot, or you suffer from hyperhidrosis then there are high chances of yours catching up with nail fungus.
One may get fungus if he is already suffering from psoriasis, circulatory conditions, type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes.

Diagnosis Of Thick Toenails

If you witness any kind of change in your toenail then consult the doctor immediately. It is recommended to treat the fungus in its early stage to prevent any kind of severe problem in the long run.

The doctor will analyze your nails to check the condition of them. The doctor may also use a toenail clipping for diagnosing of the condition.

Treatment For Thick Toenails

Thick toenails will get treated themselves but it can be a sign of severe fungus also. You can go the home remedy way or choose to treat it using the medical way which will include oral and topical medications.


We recommend you to stay hydrated and keep your nails area clean so that you don’t get infected with thick toenails from next time. If the article helped you in any way then don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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