Top Nail Fungus Treatment's Most Favorite 54 Nail Art and Care blogs That You Must Follow!

Nail salons have somehow created a buzz in the beauty and make-up industry as one of the most trendiest fashion statements around the globe!

Here is a guide to some crazy, creative blogs and webpages that have won nail battles from all over the world!

Please Note: The blogs featured on this list are not arranged in any particular order. We love all of them and want to share them with our readers! 

Go ahead and enjoy all these lovely blogs! 


Started by a young girl living in Cardiff Bristol UK, Sammy is the UK-based nail blogger who brings in the latest techniques in the art amazingly affordable new trends and beautiful collections from worldwide! In fact do you want some celebrating opinions about nails? Sammy, in the year 2016 was awarded “The Best Nail Artist in UK” by the Scratch Magazine in their Scratch Magazine Star Awards.

Miss Ladyfinger

Graduating from Syracuse university with a fashion degree, working with the fashion industries best—- Oscar De La Renta, W magazine as well as Macy's, Miss Taryn Multipack is a fashionista who is a self-taught nail artist! Admittedly she advertises the latest trends in nail art as well as fashion that is whirling the world around.

All Laquered Up

Michelle Mismas produces some quality work in the world of nail art and fashion with an interesting name for her fashion blog. This was one of the first blogs that came up after the nail art trend would the fashion industry up and suddenly, lacquered up nails were all one could talk about!

Lucy S Stash

Lucy S Stash is another candidate who wowed the world with her trained, beautiful artistry in the Scratch awards 2017. In fact her spider web art and fashionable nail options with a drop down menu that boasts of several colour options as well glitter options makes her a valued nail artist!

Nail Centric

Did you have any idea that IT professionals could also be nail enthusiasts? Yana “a mom, a wife and a project manager in a multinational company” in her own words, has the most beautiful blog that has also been featured in the Next blogger of the month account! Check out her super cool designs!

Chalk Board Nails

Having been featured in the today show, nailit! Magazine, nail pro magazine, rebook l, as well as the oxygen television series “nailed it”, Sarah White is the editor and creator of Chalkboard Nails and is a licensed nail technician. She lives in Phoenix and works out of a spa in the Camelback Village. Best part about this blog is that you can visit the blog and watch her in a spot where she works as a nail technician and loves it.

Fashion Polish

Executed with the latest trends filling up the blogs of this talented blogger, nail4colours also features their exclusive products on this blogger’s page! Check out the Cherry on Coco Street and other arti-cles that reek of professional nail art expertise and amazingly novel designs.

Wah Nails

The best part about this little web page is its presentation! You have the cutest little graphics allover the page and what I love most about this webpage is the fact that it has a tagline which says “for downtown girls worldwide”!! It is almost like the trendy little web page is promoting it on secularism!

Nailed It

A 26 your old blogger, Katie from Boulder Colorado started this popular blog with the intention of just sharing with the world her talent and teaching the world how to take care of the nails if you have beautiful nails to show off! You should definitely check out her nail care regime and also her fun answers in her blog “about me” FAQS!!

So Nailicious

Edited by Maria, 'So Nailicious' is a fun website that not just talks about nail art but also has fun FAQs about how to take care of your nails. It has a giveaway column which is one of its best features and options of asking the owner questions about nail art details as well as how to take care of your nails!


An editorial manicurist Madeleine Poole, who is also a designer in New York is the editor of MP nails which functions from New York. She has been featured in the V magazine, Vogue Harper's Bazaar, Instil interview, Teen Vogue, Wonderland and many such prestigious social media platforms and also been named the Global Color Ambassador of Sally Hansen in January 2014. She works for charity and donates her nail art designs to fund raisers for underprivileged.Thus her designs are not just inspiration but also the true form of an artist.


Jane, from Netherland is the founder and editor of this website and has a fascination for glitter and colours. Her designs are quirky and worth the watch space as she discusses how she is inspired by her favourite nail salon artists and talks about her favourite series( Game of Thrones) and other personal details that make her an engaging blogger! She started her website in 2011 but has been at beautifying her nails from when she was 6!

Nail Pro

This web page is filled wit the latest trends in nail art and has some of the best designs that I have personally seen in the show bizz. From silver studs to glitter to fancy landscapes on your nails, this little web page has individuality and creates in ripples in the worlds of fashionistas who think nail art is the next cool thing in the world.

Chelsea King Manicurist

Like her profile says in its simplistic approach towards the blogging world, Chelsea King is a young talented manicurist based out of Los Angeles California who at an early age fell in love with fashion as well as painting. But she started off as a need manicurist as a hobby her love for painting nails started to grow and she started accessoris-ing her talents. She has been featured in forums like Teen Vogue, MTVrefinery, Huffington post and the likes!

Ithinity Beauty Nail Art Blog

British based, Ithinifefe is the creative genius behind the blog that swatches new nail products and writes reviews about various designs that are present on the net about nail art and fashionable fingers! The website is trendy and is often hired to write reviews about nail salon products.

B Nailed To Perfection

Bethany, inspired by her partner Adam hailing from West Yorkshire runs this interesting blog and blames the love of her life for the obsession that currently reigns her life. She is one of the few people who followed their dreams and has fun updates about their pug Maddie with cute pictures of him on her blog.

Polish And Paws

Tiffany staying in Tennessee is another nail enthusiast who lives with her husband and 5 dogs and admittedly cares for only two things in the world: Nails and Dogs! She started her blog 3 years ago and collaborates with online make up stores and magazine brands to come up with exciting reviews and designs to show off!

Mari Lume

Written by Mari Lume, this blog is a representation of all things classy and beautiful starting with the font and the blog palate used! Mari is a nail enthusiast who doesn’t only talk about her web page but also her love for nails and gives essential tips for the nurturing of your nails!

Natasha Lee

Natasha Lee is another nail enthusiast who does not just talk about nail art but also posts beauty and make up tips on her blog. She has posted about numerous beauty products as well as nail products and you can take your pick from her by going through her blog!

Nails Mag

This website is unique in its own way.. Its a website that lets individual artists to showcase their nail art themes and designs and invites bloggers to be a part of the initiative!

Brit + Co

This website has multifaceted bloggers blogging about lifestyle, baby names as well as food, artefacts and more. This cannot only be termed as a nail art salon webpage. The nail art is only a part of the other stuff showcased in the blog!

The Polished Mommy

Francine being one of the nail artists in editing and creating the pol-ished mommy blog has created nail art just setting for words the new trends of nail art that are raving the country.

Paulina’s Passions

Paulina she started her blog in 2012 and has never stopped blogging about nail art ever since. She lives with her two cats and has a quirky view towards life which she shares pretty often in her personal blog and provides its user with beneficial tips on how to take care of your nails.

Den Diva

Editor and author of the blog den diva who has created the blog from the state of US California but she belongs from the state of Odisha.Though she's a homemaker, Madhu, during her maternity break was somehow enthralled by the passion of nail art and pursued the same and wanted to believe that women around the world were also divas which is how she named her blog!

More Nail Polish

Figured out by the blogger who goes by the username Kitties26 , this web page reeks of quirky trendy little nail art regimes ad quick fixes! Its really good for beginners who are trying out for the first time. Check it out if you want to begin!

Moonshine And Sunlight

Priyanjana, hailing from Bangalore, India is also on the list of to 60 nail artists and has created this webpage just last year and has been a part of many design contests and seems to be growing all the more popular with her trendy designs and unique eye for creation!

Nails Of Aquarious

This is a blog that keeps zodiacs in mind when it publishes trendy designs for her faithful audience. This is a blog you definitely want to visit if you are a lover of all things dainty and beautiful!

Cosmetic Proof

Jane is a 30 something young professional living in Vancouver with her husband and 2 rescue dogs named Hemingway and Hugo! Her passion for nail art designing began in the year 2011 and she has never stopped since the gel nails and the clotting paper!

Furious Filer

A recent graduate, living in England this young girl is also another nail artist enthusiast who studied science yet has every artistic bone in her body to make great inspiration. Website is colorful, working, fun! Her work reeks of originality and it is definitely something that young nail pros should check out for sure!

Uma’s Nail Art

Uma Mathur is another nail enthusiast who started me out in 2012. She has studied need art and though it started as a past time for Uma, she got addicted to nail art and started blogging about her designs. Having started off with just her son’s art brushes and colors, Uma has come a long way from an experimenting youngster to a nail art pro!

25 Sweet Peas

Living in the sunshine state young Sarah also known as 25 super sweet peas is just 20 years old and started this blog in 2015 she loves beaches and playtime with Miss Dixie who is her pet beagle. Here is another nail enthusiast with a fascination for pets and everything furry!


A professional nail manicurist, Andrea graduated from Brown Aveda Institute in 2015 from where she received her nail art degree and created this blog at first, just for fun and sharing with the world her DIY nail ideas but later it became a regular deal and she started doing it professionally. What i like most about her blog is her fascination with gel nail polish and her crazy DIY ideas that are mostly concentrated in using this particular texture of nail polish! 

Nail Art And Things

Kejal Shah, another Indian blogger who has also created a website which is famously designed to share with its viewers DIY projects that she has been up to as a nail enthusiast. She's a young Indian girl who is fascinated by nail polishes, color pops, etc. and creates her own designs with vibrant colors and textures that are suited for all age groups!

Painted Fingertips

The scientist by day and a nail artist by night, the creator of painted fingertips started a nail art blog couple of years ago as a means to relax and express her artistic site but overtime she realized how much she enjoys this particular art form and started creating her very own designs!

Love Varnish

Started in 2010 this nail art blog was created by the Deborah who admittedly bit for nails, then used acrylics and after that the battle began to grow healthy natural nails. In 2011 Manon joined the blog is well and started acquiring a steady position in the blog. She is a guest blogger and is 28 years old with a masters degree in art history, adores cats, collects make up and plays too many video games.

Nail Polish Society

Admittedly a women's beauty rights activist, Emily Harris is the creator of the nail polish society. She believes that “everyone is entitled to define her beauty how she sees fit”. She talks about wearing red lipsticks with that hair in rollers, diamond earrings to complement gardening gloves! She is a fun and insightful person who also seems to have a nail art blog!

Kelsie's Nail Files

bAs the name suggests born and raised in Waboush labrador Canada, Kelsie completed her BbKin degree at Memorial University in St. John's Newfoundland followed by her masters degree in physical therapy at Dalhousie University at Halifax Nova Scotia. She's currently practicing as a physiotherapist in Lethbridge Alberta! Her inspiration to start off with nail art blogging was which we have also mentioned in our new blog list!

Elanor Nails

Another British blogger who has an obsessive tendency to blog about me Ballers start it off and log into thousand nine when she saw Bruce Springsteen and the E St. band in Dublin and she was transfixed by Clarence Clemons nails which also matched your saxophone!

The Little Canvas

Alaina is the creator of the nail art designs on her little canvases as she has named her blog. She was inspired by many great nail bloggers and though she does not have any professional experience and cannot really draw on paper somehow she can create little masterpieces on her nails! Little girl with the dreams of becoming the next big nail blogger in her town.

Grape Fizz Nails

This blog is majorly operated from California and explores various options of nail art that are found all over the world and has suddenly become a rage! Hailing from California, the nail artist has created a unique blog which speaks volumes about the expertise that the young female artist possesses.

Ehmkay Nails

Hailing from New Jersey, New York this young nail artist has completed her literature degree and then pursued a dream of becoming a nail artist with clever designs and originality of the concepts, swatches, reviews and honest love for nail polish!

Nuthin' But A Nail Thing

This blog is unique in my opinion because it comes with animal 3D print designs that are for unique and is something that every young girl with a nail fetish should try out! These designs are completely out of the box and this brilliant blog is a must visit for young nail enthusiasts!

Black Cat Nails

The creator of the block is Arden and she started black cat nails in 2013 to document instead of a personal journey with nail art. It all started with a simple nail wrap and she started to wonder what other creative ways she could use to decorate her nails and fell in love with nail art ever since!


Claire started her blog as she was addicted to nail polish and started posting pictures of her managers in Facebook. At first it was just a way of documenting them for herself and filling up at timeline with photos and color for images that her friends would be interested in. In 2012 she started the blog and lives in South Jordan UK with her husband and 11-year-old son.

The Polish List

This blog is created by Vicky, an Indian blogger. Though this site is not updated every now and then, it has some amazing designs that our nail-art enthusiasts can go after.

Glitter Fingersss

Glitterfingersss is a blog created by Lexa who says she isn't a polishaholic. Lexa is a young nail artist whose enthusiasm and love for nail art is very nicely showcased on her blog. Personally, I am in love with her 'Oldie but Goodie' section. 

The Trendy Nail

Having graduated from Syracuse University with a Surface Pattern Degree, brought Holly into the world of nail art. The way she has described her journey from a nail-biter to a nail artist is very encouraging. On her website, she has many trendy nail arts and designs which you will love.

Ordinary Misfit

As the name suggests, the creator of ordinary misfit thinks of herself as a misfit in her extra ordinary world. Hailing from sunny Durban South Africa and living with her husband and dogs, this place is not just a name out of session for her but also a space where she can express herself as a person!

Secretary’s Nail Art

This blog is a collection of mail or post by various bloggers who have their own blogs as well. This blog is unique because it has links to other blogs and glorifies the work of various artists from all over the continent who share their work on this blog!

Lacquered Lawyer

Inspired by pop culture, this blog is dedicated to featuring training videos and tutorials to achieve the perfect nails. It has links to DIY nail art and filled with fun facts!

Sloppy Swatches

This blog is created by a stay at home mom of three kids who found herself passionately in love with nail polish about two years ago. The nerdier side of loving nail polish is what attracted her and made her create this blog in the first place. She required a positive creative outlet for her journey and loves books running and sewing!

Nail Experiments

Elena is the creator of this particular blog and lives in Toronto, Canada and is it a certified nail technician and beauty blogger. Her passion for the nail industry runs deep and she truly enjoys blogging about nail art topics. Occasionally she also updates reviews about beauty related topics such as make up and skin care!

Red Heads Paint It Better

Created by a redhead as well as a busy working mother who loves nail polish, this user has been actively sharing her manicures on social media for about 2 years and she doesn't think she'll ever get bored of this hobby. She loves mainstream brands like Barry M and Rimme but is also in love with Indie polish brands who create amazing products.

Freckles In Suburbia

From Brisbane Australia, Chris is a stay at home mother of three children who loves the craftiness of beautiful nails. She speaks about the moment in the early 2013 when the nail art obsession emerged and her husband have decided that he had “lost his wife to nails”. Back in 2013 she started her blog and has not looked back since!

There are a lot of beauty trends that are creating their own space in the fashion industry but if you are a beginner in the world of glitz, here is your chance to plan a grand entry. Our list of some of the best nail art webpages will help you chose what kind of nail fashionista you want to become. Go wow the world!

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