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What is Nail Fungus?

There’s a fungus amungus! Nail fungus that is.Now, what is it and why do we get it? Nail fungus is surprisingly common. It will cause the nail to become discolored (yellow, brown or white), thick and more likely to break or crack. Although anyone can get it, it affects more people as they get older because their nails grow more slowly and thicken as they age, thus making the elderly a more susceptible age group to have nail fungus. According to recent statistics, about 5% of people suffer from a nail fungus infection.

It is also extremely common for people to not get treated because the symptoms can seem quite subtle; the only problem with this is that it can worsen… even to the point where you could need to get the nail removed. Obviously, once it reaches this stage, it can be very painful. Rule of thumb: You see your hands and nails everyday, if something looks different, go ahead and get it looked at, trust me, you will not look silly. Also, having certain diseases (AIDS, diabetes, cancer, or anything that impairs the immune system) puts you more at risk for getting a nail fungus.

Another group with a higher risk for nail fungus are athletes because of tight fitting/sweaty clothing and shoes and any trauma that happens to the nails while playing sports. Besides this, athletes also commonly shower in shared spaces (locker rooms) and anyone who already has a toenail fungus can spread it to other people via small cracks in the nail or surrounding skin simply because they are all walking in the same area where the infected person is. Places like around public pools or shared showers at the gym are also potential places to pick up a fungus. It is important to know that if you come in contact with someone who has a fungus, it can spread to you. It might seem like a foolish thing to wear those flip-flops in the public shower, but when you’re the one who is fungus free you’ll see those flip-flops in a whole new light.

In this website, we are going to read all about nail fungus, its treatments and causes.

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