Treatment For Onychomycosis At Home

Onychomycos is the scientific term for what is generally known as a toenail fungus, “” A gross “or” yellow nail. “ This is an infection of the toenails (and sometimes the nails) is caused by a fungus or mold. Fungal infections toenails are very common to have between 6 and 8 percent of the adult population is affected.

Symptoms are easy to see, with the nail plate growing thick, yellow, or sometimes be overcast. The toenails can also become hard and brittle and may separate from the nail bed. Although there is usually no pain, except in very severe cases, the nail is very unpleasant looking and may emit a detectable odor.

Onychomycosis has many risk factors such as family history, increasing age, poor health, participation in physical activity and the use of restrictive shoes. In short, because the bacteria thrive in warm and humid, it is possible for almost anyone to acquire this infection.

And these are infections that are the easiest to remove. Treatment can be difficult because the infection is embedded within the nail itself and it is very difficult to achieve. Prevention is, of course, the approach first. The key is to keep nails clean and dry. This means using clean, dry socks, and even avoiding the use of nail polish, which can restrict air flow. But the truth is not always possible, and cause infection.


There Are Several Methods For The Treatment Of Onychomycosis, Including


Keep your nails trimmed as close as possible without damaging the toes. Thus, to improve airflow over the skin under the nail. Also, keep feet clean and dry.

Foot Baths

The active ingredient here is usually vinegar. Make sure you use a container large enough to completely cover the infected area. Soak the infected finger in vinegar for half an hour a day for 14-21 days and change the vinegar every 3 or 4 days.

While this method shows the results for some, the vinegar will not cure most cases of serious infections. Still others say that replacing the vinegar with Listerine, the mouthwash product, show better results.

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