What Are The Kerasal Ingredients? Are They Beneficial?

Are you having discoloured as well as thick nails? Is it painful and has some bad smell? If yes then you have been infected with nail fungus. So make use of kerasal fungal nail renewal treatment that is a great treatment option for getting results within a week.

What Are The Ingredients Present In Kerasal?

There are 5 ingredients present in kerasal that are reported to be safe and beneficial to treat nail fungus by many doctors. You can also go through kerasal reviews of several other users and find out more about its ingredients and their effectiveness. You will never find unnecessary and harmful ingredients in the formulation. So never get worried about its side effects. Lactic acid along with area is the major ingredients in this nail renewal treatment or kerasal intensive foot repair cream. Other ingredients are propylene glycol. Have a look at the complete ingredient list of kerasal that is mentioned below.


  • Lactic Acid
  • Urea
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Propylene glycol
  • Other ingredients: Water

How Beneficial Are The Ingredients?

All the above mentioned ingredients are common in most of the over-the –counter options for treatment. They are present together for quickly clearing up any fungal infection and allowing you to be back to your normal life. There are many people you are either allergic or sensitive to some of these ingredients. So always be careful to have a complete knowledge of the ingredients to understand that they cause no adverse reaction and are basically beneficial.

Most of the users give positive feedback about it. So it is evident that it works in most of the people who use it. The ingredients present in this kerasal foot cream work by decreasing the thickness, discoloration and then including healthier appearance to the nails. Lactic acid prevents the growth of the fungus. It lowers the pH of the environment of those affected nails. Urea on the other hand softens the nails in order to remove any unhealthy nail easily. These two kerasal ingredients also work by penetrating the affected nails as well as restoring the healthy look. Propylene glycol adds hydration as well as softening benefits to the thick nails. Sodium hydroxide is used for killing root of the nail. Thus it makes it easier for removing any old nail.

Kerasal has been proved to be effective till 92% of the users who used it. Nails will start to improve within a very short time. With consistent usage, discoloration as well as thick nails starts to go away. Great results will be observed within 2 weeks after using it. But you should continue to use it for at least 3 to 6 months if you wish to heal the nails completely.

So it can be said that kerasal is a great option for those who suffer from nail fungus. It is reasonably priced, effective and thus is the best treatment available for nail fungus in the market these days.

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