Yellow Nail Syndrome: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

Yellow Nail Syndrome is a rare health condition which usually occurs in people above the age 50. This problem affects the toe nails and fingernails. It is accompanied with swelling in other parts of the body. People suffering from Yellow Nail Syndrome also have lymphatic system problem and respiratory problems.

Yellow Nail Syndrome Symptoms

If the nails grow thicker and turn yellow in color then it is a major sign that you are suffering from the condition. One may also witness few other symptoms like slow growing of nails, loss of the cuticle, nail loss, or the nails that get separated from the nail bed.

The condition can cause other respiratory problems like breath shortness, chronic cough and chest pains. Few other issues like pneumonia, chronic sinusitis and Lymphedema can also be witnessed.

Yellow Nail Syndrome Causes

Yellow Nail Syndrome is a rare case which has very few medical cases present in the medial literature. Researchers are still working out to find the exact reason behind this condition but as of now there’s no exact reason for the arousal of this condition.

It can begin with absolutely nothing whereas it may run in families due to genetics. Some believe that it is caused due to lymphatic drainage. The improper circulation of lymph may result in the collection of fluid underneath the soft tissue under the skin. Some other health conditions can also bring yellow nail syndrome like autoimmune diseases, cancers, immune-deficiencies.

Diagnosis For Yellow Nail Syndrome

Make sure that from now on you never ignore if any change in shape or color of any of your nail occurs. Yellow nails may indicate that you are having issues within the body with kidney, fungal infections, liver, psoriasis, or diabetes mellitus.

If you witness the condition along with some sort of swelling or respiratory problem then consult a doctor as soon as possible. The doctor may test your body for some health condition or your nail for fungus.

Yellow Nail Syndrome Treatment

There’s no one specific treatment for Yellow Nail Syndrome. It depends upon the symptoms that you are diagnosed with. Your tratement may include antibiotics, oral zinc, antifungal medications, diuretics, etc.


We hope that this article helped you gain information regarding the rare condition : Yellow Nail Syndrome. If you are suffering from the condition, then go and consult a doctor right now.

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