Zetaclear Active Ingredients: Understand The Product

ZetaClear products come in two; a solution and a homeopathic oral spray. These products are made using different active ingredients, and they work differently. They are combined, but one works externally while the other works internally to bring you the intended results. In understanding the products, it is important to look at the ingredients making each product.

Zetaclear Solution

The ingredients found in ZetaClear nail solution include the following

Undecylenic Acid: this is a component that has been approved by FDA and has been found to be highly effective in treating fungal infections. It has a very strong anti-fungal and anti-bacterial property. That is why it is very effective.

Lemongrass Oil: this oil is a powerful antiseptic, and it is very effective I killing bacteria that cause the fungus infection.

Tea Tree Oil: most antifungal products are made using this product, and one reason for this is the fact that it one of the most effective ingredients in treating nail fungus infection. It is very effective in killing fungi and bacteria. This oil has also been used as a home remedy for treating nail fungus infection.

Jojoba Oil: in as much as this oil is not known to have great antiseptic properties, but it has amazing moisturizing properties that will benefit the affected skin around the infected nail.

Clove Oil: this oil has numerous properties, and they include antiseptic, antifungal, and anti-viral properties. It is a very potent ingredient that contributes to making ZetaClear very effective.

Vitamin E Oil: this oil has high levels of antioxidants. Therefore, it enhances healing and promotes the growth of new healthy nails. This is also an ingredient that has long been in use as a home remedy.

Almond Oil: almond oil is a great source of fatty acids and vitamins. It nourishes the skin with these two. It is very effective in relieving inflammation of the skin.

Zetaclear Oral Spray

The ZetaClear oral spray has numerous components that make it a powerful and potent agent in clearing nail fungus infection. These ingredients include the following.

Antimonium Curdum (200C): this is an ingredient that has been used in so many homes to improve nail fungus infections. It helps to relieve the infected area as well as eliminate the discoloration from it.

Sulphur (12X): Sulphur is known for its anti-itch and antiseptic properties that are needed for an infected nail. It helps to reduce the itching of the feet. It is also used for treating nail ulcers.

Mancinella (30C): This is used to prevent and eliminate the discoloration of the infected nail.

Thuja Occidentalis (200C): this is an ingredient that can greatly improve the health of your nails. It is also greatly used to treat warts.

Nitricum Acidum (30C): This helps in easing soreness and burning sensations. It also relieves pain and prevents the feet and hands from sweating which worsens the situation.

Arsenicum Album (200C): it helps in treating warts, certain skin conditions, and eliminates discoloration of the nails.

When you are using these two products, you will get a speedy recovery, and the results will be very pleasing. They have been tested and approved to be highly effective.