zeta clear best toenail fungus treatment

Why ZetaClear Is The Best Nail Fungus Treatment

There are many nail fungus treatment available in the market today, out of which ZetaClear wins hand down for a safe and successful treatment. ZetaClear is a very potent solution for nail fungus treatment because of it’s ingredients, which provides specific treatment for mild to moderate nail fungus.

What Is ZetaClear

ZetaClear is a potent combination of several safe yet effective ingredients which help in the treatment of nail fungus. ZetaClear has a two pronged action to work effectively on the toe nail and finger nail fungus for an effective remedy. Thus Zetaclear is available as ZetaClear topical solution and Zetaclear homeopathic oral spray. A combined treatment where both the products are being used, yields a satisfactory result within a stipulated period of time.

ZetaClear Topical Solution

The ZetaClear topical solution is a combination of 7 powerful ingredients. The main and the most important ingredient being Undecylenic acid , along with which is present 6 natural oils which are considered to have anti-fungal properties which were safe yet effective. The 6 essential oils are clove oil, lemon grass oil, vitamin e oil, Jojoba oil, Almond oil and Tea tree oil.

Undecylenic Acid

Undecylenic acid is one of the main ingredients in ZetaClear which has been approved and certified by FDA as a effective remedial for toenail and finger nail infections. Undecylenic acid is effective both as an anti-bacterial and an anti-fungal agent to treat nail fungal infections. It’s strong anti-microbial action eradicates the actual cause of the fungal infection leaving it devoid of any microbes.

Clove Oil

Clove oil is a very effective anti-bacterial, anti-viral and an anti-fungal, thus is considered to be a dynamic essential oil for most of the infection related skin conditions.

Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass oil is known for it’s antiseptic properties, thus this powerful germicidal keeps the bacteria at bay and prevents the nail fungal infection from further damage.

Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E oil is a very commonly used vitamin oil used for it’s effective antioxidant properties. It has a vital role to play in the treatment of nail fungal infections by providing nourishment to the nail bed, keeping the area moist and helps in the re-growth of new nails. It’s powerful free radical scavenging properties hastens the fungal infection and gives faster remedy from nail fungal infection and it’s associated issues.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil like a few other oil have strong anti-fungal properties and helps in healing the infection by eliminating the fungus responsible for the toe nail or finger nail infection.

Almond Oil

Almond oil is a tried and tested essential oil, which provides copious amounts of fatty acids to the skin, thus keeping it moisturized and assists in healing various inflammatory conditions specific to skin.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is highly used in most of the medications consisting natural ingredients because of it’s proven anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. This time tested essential oil has been very effective in the treatment and cure of nail fungal infections with several testimonials to support.

ZetaClear Homeopathic Oral Spray

zeta clear

The oral spray is a dynamic combination of 6 powerful homeopathic components. Homeopathy is considered to have very effective and result oriented treatment for finger nail and toe nail infections. The ZetaClear oral spray consists of Antimonium Curdum(200C), Mancinella(30C), Nitricum Acidum(30C), Sulphur(12X), Thuja Occidentalis(200C) and Arsenicum album(200C). Other inactive ingredients are purified water and Alcohol(20%).

Antimonium Curdum

This potent homeopathic ingredient helps in eliminating the yellowish stains from the nail and helps in situations where the sensitivity under the nails is high by minimizing it.


This helps in removing or clearing any kind of discoloration or stain on the nails, thus providing healthy and stain free set of nails.

Nitricum Acidum

This is an effective ingredient in minimizing any kind of pain related to nail fungal infection. It also reduces soreness and burning sensation of the nail when infected by microbes.


Sulpur is mainly used because of it’s antiseptic and anti-itch properties, thus reducing further complications associated with nail fungal infection.

Thuja Occidentalis

This active ingredient is used in ZetaClear homeopathic oral spray because it helps provide over all healthy nails post a fungal infection.

Why ZetaClear Is Better Than Home Remedies

ZetaClear has a two pronged action which has a potent combination of some time-tested homeopathic ingredients combined with a few actively used essential oils to hasten the treatment. While home remedies takes time in treating nail fungal infections, Zetaclear with it’s powerful and certified ingredients help in a very effective and systematic treatment of the fungal infection. Most of the home remedies are not standardized leading to a confusion for the users, who later shift to treatments which are much more proven in terms of success rates.

ZetaClear Wins Over Antifungal Drugs

Zetaclear clearly wins over other prescription drugs because it is soft on the body unlike other prescription anti-fungals which are harsh on the body and have known to have strong side effects on prolonged use. While a few ingredients of ZetaClear works in eradicating the fungus or bacteria responsible for causing the infection, the other ingredients take care of the nail by keeping it well moisturized, hydrated, free from any other germs, by minimizing inflammation and by reducing pain, soreness or any burning sensation. Whereas, anti-fungal drugs work towards the eradication of only microbes. Thus a host of other medications have to be used to reduce or to eliminate the associated issues.

Why ZetaClear Scores Over Other Over-The-Counter Treatments

Over the Counter treatments are very generic as they do not address a specific issue. Nail fungal infections have several grades and severity depending on which Zetaclear can be applied. Whereas Over the counter medications are very mild and many a times addresses a single part of the nail infection and ignoring the other associated issues.

The success rates of ZetaClear in treating toe nail and finger nail fungus is much higher as compared to most kinds of treatments available today, like home remedies, OTC treatment or other alternative medications. ZetaClear has been a roaring success because of it’s combination of ingredients which have been much analysed, researched and explored before it was released in the market.

Thus be wise, choose ZetaClear!!