Zetaclear Vs Tea Tree Oil Comparative Review

Many people are always looking for the most effective product to help them take care of their toenail infection problems. Because there are so many products to choose from, many get confused. This is especially when choosing between tea tree oil and ZetaClear. By looking at specific factors, we will be able to decide which product stands out between these two and you will be able to make an informed answer. These factors include the following.

1. Ingredients

In understanding which product is superior to the other, the ingredients play a very important role in the conclusions found. Both ZetaClear and Tea Tree oil are made from natural ingredients which make them very safe for use.

Tea Tree oil is made from tea tree, and it is a very effective in treating toenail fungus infections. Tea tree is the only ingredient in this product. It is a product that has very strong antifungal, antiviral, and antiseptic properties that make it stand out. It has long been used also to treat burns and cuts, and it has proved to be successful. This is an outstanding product and very effective with scientific studies to back up its properties.

ZetaClear is made up of numerous ingredients. Zetaclear ingredients include essential oils like jojoba oil, lemongrass oil, clove oil, lavender oil, almond oil, and even vitamin E oil. Other than this, the top-rated oil used is the Tea tree oil. There is also the presence of the Undecylenic acid which is excellent at killing fungi.

Looking at the ingredients, ZetaClear stands the best chance to eliminate toenail fungus quickly and effectively. Other than just tea tree oil, it is also backed up with many other essential oils and the highly potent Undecylenic acid. This places it at an advantage over Tea tree oil which has no backups to enhance its effectiveness. This is why the people that use ZetaClear products get their results faster as compared to those that use Tea tree oil. In as much as both are very effective, the speed of action is also very important, and ZetaClear delivers speed effectively.

2. The Working Mechanism Of The Products

Both the ZetaClear and the Tea Tree oil have their working mechanism, and there is a point where the working mechanism is similar. It is precisely because of their working mechanism that makes the products effective.

When using the tea tree oil, you are required to apply a few drops on the infected toenail as well as the skin surrounding the nail to prevent any chance of the skin getting infected. This oil is to be used at least two times in a day for the best results. Its use should be consistent and should last for about six months.

When you use ZetaClear, you will have to use the topical solution as well as the oral spray. When you use the oral spray, it helps in boosting the immunity of the body so that it can fight off the fungal infection. This also helps in eliminating the parasitic fungi in the body which is most likely a contributing factor. It is made with some of the best ingredients that do not cause any side effects to your health. The topical solution is applied directly to the infected toenail. For effectiveness, it is also advisable to use it twice a day. When using this product, people have reported its effectiveness in just a short while with some as early as within three months.

Because of the working mechanism, ZetaClear typically stands out because it works both from inside and outside. This makes its speed of action to be amazing. The consumption of Tea tree oil is impossible because it is very toxic. Therefore, it cannot help you address the real underlying problem. It may seem to help the problem, but this is at a surface level. Fungal infections can be very stubborn, and a lot of times, it needs to be tackled from the root. That is what ZetaClear does when it boosts your immune system and also eliminates the parasitic fungi in the body.

3. Side Effects

Both the products are said to lack any side effects, and that is because they are made using natural ingredients. As we have seen above, these natural ingredients are safe for the body as well as the environment. There are no chemicals added to the products which may have adverse effects. This is the reason why these products are loved by many.

In as much as they do not have side effects, some users complained about swelling and skin irritations after using Tea tree oil for a while. Others have reported that long-term use of the oil affected their skin. ZetaClear users have also experienced a few periods of itchiness, burning sensation, and redness. Even so, these reactions have been mild.

What makes ZetaClear the better choice is that it has other oils that have other oils that help in reducing the occurrences of these situations because of their excellent properties of soothing, nourishing, relieving itching, improving circulation, and more. Because of a joint effort of these efforts, the occurrences of these reactions are diminished, and when they occur, they are very mild.

Final Verdict

Our final verdict is that ZetaClear stands out from Tea tree oil. This is because it has numerous other ingredients to support its function. The essential oils used together with the tea tree oil found in it bring about a combined effort that strengthens the solution making it highly effective. Having only one ingredient in a treatment product may not be the best option. Also because of the numerous ingredients that ZetaClear has, they help in fighting the reactions that may arise from the use of the product. Most of the essential oils have soothing effects, relieve soreness and itchiness, nourishes the skin and more. With these properties, the occurrence of reactions like itchiness, burning sensation, and redness are minimized. In other words, ZetaClear has a lot to offer as compared tea tree oil as seen in this comparative review.